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What happens when you cross lush vocal harmonies with infectious melody and lush sound? British alt-pop outfit Kawala show that such an approach is possible, and you'll still have a great time doing it. What's more, Kawala can combine enjoyable music with musings on trials and tribulations. They realise that without those, it is impossible to cross one's own threshold and head towards a brighter tomorrow.

Kawala is a British indie-folk band from North London, consisting of Jim Higson (vocals), Daniel McCarthy (guitar, vocals), Ben Batten (drums), Reeve Coulson (bass) and Dan Lee (guitar). The gentlemen met while studying in Leeds and derived the band's name from the Filipino word for loose and unbound. Creative freedom is a key concept for this band, which was confirmed by the well-received single Chasing/Wasting Time. The band's fresh sound also hides more serious themes, such as the insecurities associated with trying to succeed in the music business. Kawala, however, knows how to make a real sensation. Just think of the well-received single Ticket to Ride (2020), which was rated as one of the most successful songs of the year. For example, it led to this reaction during the Covid pandemic: "2020 was a terrible year for me, but this song was one of the few things that brought joy to my soul and made me laugh." 

The year is 2024, and Kawala is ready to confirm live what she has accomplished during her years of separation. It's almost certain that the story of "self-doubt and growth" will have an interesting sequel in the case of this London-based formation. 

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