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Announcing new artists

Full Moon stage will be part of the Colours of Ostrava festival for the tenth time this year. The complete programme of the stage curated by the Full Moon magazine team is based on interesting local names, comprehensively complemented by international participants. The aim is to refresh traditional dramaturgical structures and view them in different contexts, resulting in a number of Czech or festival premieres and several line-ups that will only appear in Ostrava.

Genre-wise, the programme of the scene is spread out from euphoric pop to psychedelia, rap, African electronica to edgy post-punk. "We try to create the dramaturgy of the scene as a varied, colourful and balanced mosaic, each piece has an integral place. Every year we move forward in this respect in some way, and this year's edition is for me absolutely polished and truly exclusive," says Michal Pařízek, editor-in-chief of Full Moon magazine, adding: "Five of the international acts will be performing in the Czech Republic for the first time ever and they are exceptional, award-winning ensembles or projects. The free-jazz combo Irreversible Entanglements, led by the artist Camae Ayewa performing as Moor Mother, is one of the most important names in experimental jazz, their latest album Protect Your Light was even released on the legendary Impulse! label. Equally interesting will be the performances of the tape manipulator Vladimir Lenhart, who combines industrial dance production with dub and Slavic folklore in his Lenhart Tapes project, or the London-based band Fat Dog. The latter, like Black Midi or Black Country, New Road, belongs to the scene around the Windmill club and is hailed as one of this year's biggest discoveries. Also fresh is the dance pop of the Croatian-Slovenian girl duo Freekind., which works with jazz or hip hop influences in a very original way, while the international formation Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek will bring a unique form of Anatolian psychedelia."

The attraction is not only foreign performers, however, the Full Moon Stage programme is built mainly on contemporary domestic names, as Pařízek confirms: "This is further proof of the quality and diversity of the contemporary domestic scene, whose strengths are sometimes overlooked. For example, Brno's Whyohwhy have made one of the best albums of this year so far, the singer-songwriter Ivy Z is an unnecessarily hidden gem who will perform at the festival accompanied by a full band, and Anna Vaverková has been nominated for perhaps every award we have in this country. The representation from Slovakia is essential: the increasingly popular Berlin Manson will come with an exceptional line-up and their successful new album Poor but Sexy, the experimental formation Drť, led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Miroslav Tóth, will premiere their new programme in Ostrava, and the energetic concerts of the Meowlau x Val project or rapper Dušan Vlk are definitely to be recommended. A separate chapter will be the concert of the legendary formation The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa."

The Full Moon Stage programme for 2024 also includes the Nigerian rapper Aunty Rayzor, one of the current biggest sensations of the increasingly popular African electronic scene, or the group ||Ala|meda||, a de facto all-star team of Polish alternative music led by Jakub Ziołek (of the bands Stara rzeka and Ed Wood and collaborator of jazzman Wacław Zimpel), and on the very first day the London band Sunnbrella, led by David Zbirka, will also perform. "Every name on the programme can be recommended, the Prague band Madhouse Express has been in great form in recent years, as confirmed by last year's album Something with Space. Madhouse Express will be performing at Colours alongside the Weird Visuals project, a trio who create live moving light imagery based on the psychedelic Liquid Light Shows familiar from the 1960s. We can't forget rapper Arleta, who will also present a special show, or the band Something Something. They will bring their new album "Third."

This year the Full Moon stage will feature the following artists:

  • ||Ala|meda|| (PL)
  • Anna Vaverková
  • Arleta
  • Aunty Rayzor (NG)
  • Berlin Manson
  • Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek (DE/FR/TU)
  • Drť
  • Dušan Vlk
  • Fat Dog (UK)
  • Freekind. (HR/SL)
  • Irreversible Entanglements (US)
  • Ivy Z
  • Lenhart Tapes (RS)
  • Madhouse Express
  • Meowlau X Val
  • Něco něco
  • Sunnbrella
  • The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa
  • Whyohwhy

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