Dance for Life

A dance party waits for you again in the Dance for Life Tent where you can help others by having fun.

What’s involved? First off you’ll be taught some cool choreography moves by professional dancers which you then perform as a group together scoring points each time you successfully imitate their movements. ArcelorMittal subsequently turns any points you score into money. You can choose one of three non-profit organisations in the Ostrava region to send the money to.

How is it possible? Our dancers will teach you some simple choreography. Depending on how successfully you mimic their movement, you earn points that ArcelorMittal Ostrava converts into money. You then assign the money to one of the two non-profit projects in the Ostrava region. Your dance can support the operation of the Surgery for the Poor or the restoration and care of wetlands along the Ostravice and Morávka rivers. The best dancers will be rewarded with gifts! 
After a dance, you can relax in the Relax Zone of site. Apart from resting, you will meet our partners in the Dance for Life project: The Salvation Army, Salamandr Czech Union for Nature Conservation, Ondrášek Mobile Hospice and Mental Café. All of them have prepared a variety of relaxing activities for you.

And remember: The Dance for Life Tent is the only place where you can get one of the 15,000 ‘Colours of Ostrava 2019’ CDs for free.