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Thursday 14. 7.17:15-18:15

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Omiri is one of the most original projects to reinvent Portuguese music.

To reinvent tradition, nothing better than bringing the real players of Portuguese culture to the show itself; musicians and soundscapes from all over Portugal playing and singing as if they were part of the same universe. Not in flesh and blood but in sound and image, with video field recordings manipulated in order to serve as a musical base for Vasco Ribeiro Casais's composition and improvisation.

Omiri is, above all, remix, the culture of the 21st century, mixing in one show already forgotten musical practices, making them permeable and accessible to the culture of our day, synchronizing forms and music of Portuguese rural tradition with the language of the urban culture. 

In the last years Omiri has established itself as one of Portugal most international musical projects, taking Portuguese culture to the four corners of the world and performing in major national and international festivals such as Womex, Reepperbahn, Eurosonic, Rudolstadt, Kaustinen, Viljandi, Dranouter, Live at Heart, Exib-Music, Iminente,WestWay Lab,Med, Artes à Rua amongmany others.

In parallel with the stage concerts, it also develops special projects with the involvement of local communities and aimed at specific regions such as the unique shows in Évora, Pombal, Alcanena, Tomar and Setúbal, which resulted in the books/cds: “Alentejo vol.I: Évora ", “Beira-Litoral and Ribatejo vol.I: Pombal, Alcanena and Tomar and “Estremadura vol.I: Setúbal”, undoubtedlymasterpieces that re-interpret the entire culture of a region.

Live, besides solo shows, Vasco Ribeiro Casais perform with 2 dancers that give heart to Filipa Peraltinha's choreographies in a mix of Hip-Hop, Contemporanean Dance and tradition.Maria Antunes, Guilherme Brak-Lamy and Rafaela Pinto are the dancers with whomVasco shares the stage.

Vasco Ribeiro Casais: Video, electronics, Cavaquinho, Nyckelharpa, costum Bouzouki , Portuguese Bagpipes;
Maria Antunes: Dancer;
Guilherme Brak Lamy: Dancer;
Filipa Peraltinha: Choreographer

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