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Dardelica features an original language, developed over decades by Johny Dar. This is a groundbreaking form of vocal expression that re-designs the soundscape of electronic music, providing a unique listening and dance floor experience.

It was not until he met Dan Vinci ( who has previously produced for Snoop Dogg, Big Narstie, Example, Skream and Jessie Ware, that Johny began fusing his original vocals with modern electronic production.

The result is ear-tickling, spine-tingling, hip-wiggling music designed to inspire new realms of movement and experience. An irresistible fusion of organic and electronic sound, Dardelica combines tribal beats with mesmeric melodies and intergalactic vocals to create an exciting sonic journey that is as extraordinary as it is unforgettable.

Just 18 months young, Dardelica has already performed at Mistress Mary (Secret Garden Party), Sunrise Celebration and Whirl-y-Fayre festivals, as well as at London Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, and a range of private and corporate events across the UK and Europe. Their groundbreaking music has received support from a range of international publications including Clash Magazine, Kaltblut, 1883 Magazine, Paste Magazine and Music Week. 

Johny Dar ( is an artist, designer, musician and director pioneering original forms of artistic expression through fine art, fashion, music and multimedia. His groundbreaking creative work in art, fashion, music and multimedia is at the vanguard of artistic innovation today and has been hailed as a budding new renaissance within the entertainment industry, attracting international acclaim across a wide range of industries and media.

Johny Dar was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1978. Growing up, he nurtured dreams of becoming a filmmaker, convinced from an early age that he had a vision to share. Discovering his talent for design, he moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1997 to study fashion, launched his first label in 1999, and immediately captivated the fashion scene with his avant-garde collections, which were stocked in top retailers before he finished fashion school. Finding himself a rapidly rising star at a young age, Johny put his inevitable success on hold by leaving Los Angeles to travel the world, seeking to break away from the known and nurture his talent in new ways.

During this quest, Dar discovered an organic intelligence which is not traceable in any existing or preceding forms of art. Consequently his hand-drawn art, which informs his designs in every medium he engages, features groundbreaking aesthetic, geometric and mathematical properties. It is this unique style of expression, and his unwavering passion for originality, which forms the bedrock of all Johny Dar’s creations. Upon returning to the industry, he founded the Johny Dar brand as a true lifestyle brand, offering a global audience original artistic experiences across a wide range of mediums, including fine art, fashion, music, photography, body art, multimedia and publishing. His work has been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Fault,
Hunger, Kaltblut, Aesthetica, Tatler, Flair and many others, and his signature style remains as outstanding in his paintings as in his prints, couture, illustration, sculpture, sportswear and music. He has collaborated with celebrities including Jessie J, Florence Welch, Harry Styles, Sir Elton John, Carla Bruni, Bryan Adams, Julio Iglesias, Tom Waits, Dannii Minogue, Marianne Faithful, Victoria Beckham, Melanie C and Sam Smith, among others.

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