Queens of the Stone Age - Californian rock band will perform at Colours of Ostrava 2024

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Queens of the Stone Age uncompromisingly shatters the boundaries of rock. After a turbulent period filled with overwhelming personal challenges, the band has returned to its roots, throwing off the gloss of previous albums and dusting off a raw, authentic sound. "Two Grammy nominations this year are clear proof that Queens of the Stone Age is the cutting edge of contemporary rock. The programme of the next Colours will be incredibly varied and well cast," comments festival director Zlata Holušová.

Queens of the Stone Age have a total of nine Grammy nominations for Best (Hard) Rock Performance and Best Album, and regularly perform at the world's leading festivals, including Coachaella and Glastonbury. Their most recent Grammy nominations are for their eighth studio album "In Times New Roman...", from which the track "Emotion Sickness" is also nominated.

Queens of the Stone Age will perform on Wednesday, July 17, 2024 at the Česká Spořitelna Stage. Tickets are on sale here.

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