freekind. in the summer at Colours and in the autumn in Prague!

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It didn't take long before the alumni of the prestigious Kunstuniversität Graz art school decided to join forces and pay homage to the golden era of hip hop while translating their nostalgia into a more contemporary sound. We are talking about the musical duo freekind., which is backed by Croatian pianist and singer Sara Ester Gredelj and Slovenian drummer Nina Korošak-Serčič.

Behind the subtle elements of R&B, jazz and neo-soul, soaked in Lauryn Hill's tailored tenderness and fragility, lies the simple motto "be free. be kind". Freekind. does not argue with complicated philosophy. Their lyrics are clear in their therapeutic message - "Stay true to yourself, baby, don't worry too much about your future," reads the track Made It.

Despite a few DIY support acts, it wasn't until their EP debut Not Good Enough that they made the lineup of leading festivals like Ljubljana's Ment and Waves Vienna. The smell of catchy grooves and intimate lyrics loaded with their first record was ingeniously illustrated by their first full-length, released last summer on Hamburg-based label Légère Recordings. Since Always and Forever states: The past may have sucked, but there's no reason to worry for the rest of your life.

This year, the duo will be performing live on our Full Moon Stage and you'll be able to hear them again in the fall! Their concert will take place on 2.11.2024 in Prague's Café V lese. Tickets are available now at Goout.

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