A loving dating site. This is not April!


Last year, we broke the news that Colours of Ostrava will feature a Meet & Love zone - festival dating site. The reaction to this news was unexpectedly positive and many of you wrote to us after the prank was revealed saying that you would really welcome such a zone. The year has come and gone, and April's idea has become this year's novelty - the Love Dating Zone!

We are preparing it for you with our partners, Kofola and TV Óčko! Dating will take place once a day, and after its end you can look forward to the Loving After Party, an afterparty not only for those who meet at the festival, but also for all those in love. Barbara Babu Hacsi will be the moderator of our Love Dating Party and the after party will be performed by leading DJs from TV ÓČKO.

We will let you know more details before the festival starts. You have a lot to look forward to!

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